The Lost Ark

At last, here comes the eagerly awaited sequel to The Alas League
Our dear villagers are on a quest to find their peers from the “A” ark. Through their adventures, a new Universe reveals itself as they get mixed up in events that pass right over their heads. This volume contains the third and fourth episodes and five intermissions.

Episode 3: In Search of the Lost Ark
Having at last found a quest to undertake, the inhabitants of the small village of Verminus begin their journey like a man looking for a tavern on election day. Following a lead that could prove to be three hundred years old, the habitat X-623B visits system after system trying desperately to collect more information. Things are not as simple as they had first envisioned until they finally receive a communication that could open new horizons and possibly a new way of looking at the problem.

Episode 4: The Face of the Tail
A new mystery comes to haunt them as they demolish their old telephone switchboard. Nevertheless, like in any well-constructed story, this nascent puzzle is actually the final lead they need to complete their quest… at least their current one. It’s about time because, as the stories unfold, it looks increasingly like they are part of a much larger conspiracy. Not that they’re aware of it, though!