The Simplicity of Life

The SIMPLICITY OF LIFE is a novel in four parts exploring openness, its consequences and its advantages.

1. A SIMPLE VILLAGE presents a society where everyone has been taught to say what they think frankly and quickly defuse any conflict.

2. A WORM IN THE APPLE is about a man slowly taking advantage of the above societal situation, twenty years later, and how the aberration spreads, starting with those closest to him.

3. THE MIRROR follows a scenario much like A Simple Village but, this time it is thirty years later than A Worm in the Apple, and we see the consequences of the social changes that began therein.

4. MAN’S ONLY FRIEND is about an honest man, such as might be raised in A Simple Village, dropped into contemporary society. We see his interactions with neighbors, friends, colleagues, and his dog—the only truly honest presence in his life..