The Sorcerer of Yore

Book 1: The Scepter of Time

In a bland world, wedged between two glorious eras, History stutters abundantly. With the great lords gone, farmers’ children are guided by animals that seem to be manipulated by an invisible aura. The Monks of Oblivion remember the anecdotes of their origins and the great legend of the Scepter of Time. Fate has prepared everything. Make way for the great adventure of Dehee Rowt, chosen to restore gray magic to the World of Jadys!

Book 2: The Rush to Mont Regal

All the clues point to Mont Regal as the hotspot for the Sorcerer of Jadys’s return, currently prisoner of a spell cast a few hundred years before. Both his supporters and his enemies are trying to get there as quickly as possible to free him or to destroy him in the Forges of Valdor. Organizations members of the Association of Secret Societies of the Greater Jadys Area observe the signs inviting them to the dance. Which of the paths taken will prove the shortest? Old souls, imprisoned in ancient talismans, come back to life along the various routes.

Book 3: At the Gates of the Silent Kingdom

The goal of some is to go to the Forges de Valdor, where the Sorcerer of Jadys comes from to destroy him once and for all in his native flames. Others are opposing it. Some are chasing an object from ancient times that could very well prove to be a dragon egg! The millenarian plan of the Penes Carbonarites Sisterhood is gradually revealed. Armies are crossing the Grands Remous river to reach the entrance to the Lavender-Dearly Phonetic Reserve. Silence is sovereign…