Wild Worlds’ Web

Episode 5: Crossroads
Slowly, but surely, the events shaking up the Universe are catching up with our villagers. Now part of the Wild Worlds’s Web, they try as well as they can to fulfill the various missions they are given. Obviously, small side-track stories are aplenty. Who will win the first intergalactic elections of Verminus? Will the surprising resemblance between Xybef and Big Arlene lead Alberic on an extra-marital path?

Episode 6: Twice upon a time…
As feared by the few remaining sane people of the Universe, the confrontation between the Wild Worlds’ web, commanded by Phyerhiderant assisted by Fido, and the army of the Universal Guard under the orders of
Gabriel MCLXVI and General Watwase Datagain, looks unavoidable. the face-to-face is a bit clumsy due to the collective lack of experience, but all expect the worst. The fight begins and leads to the extinctions of several species. Will the Wild World’s Web survive the conflict? Will the duo Andrew Bank and Muddlers succeed to pass the defences of the Debt Star, Sully Citor’s new war vessel, and succeed on time in their secret mission?

But, in the end, the Universe always knows best