Review of The Alas League by BookLife

This playful, episodic science-fiction apocalypse opens with a small village, nuclear devastation, and a mystery box scenario: The nations of Earth have (accidentally) launched their missiles, and many of the residents of Verminus would rather down Guinness at the bar than take shelter, figuring this would be a more pleasant way to go. In the…More

Review of Wild Worlds’ Web

A highly inventive science fiction parody that is typical of Falardeau’s superb epic saga, Wild Worlds Web is sure to live up to the expectations of fans who have read “The Alas League” and “The Lost Ark”. And it’s one of those rare reads that has so many original plot threads it seems a shame to spoil it…More

Review of Paul III of Montreal

A powerful character-driven literary science fiction novel Paul III of Montreal proves a genuine page-turner with Falardeau delivering a real sense of authenticity, which in part is down to his painstakingly composed narrative and its overarching sense of future cultural identity. (read the whole review) BookViralMore

Review of The Lost Ark!

A new review from BookViral. A mischievously clever and slickly humorous sci-fi comedy novel The Alas League saga continues with The Lost Ark and Falardeau delivering fun and reflection in equal measure as he gently tweaks the fanaticism of science fiction while at the same time validating it. Far too many authors attempting humorous science…More

Review from BookViral

Delivering sharp, humorous and above all intriguing nuggets of prose, The Alas League is a read that will linger in your imagination for days and weeks to come.  It’s one of those rare reads that is not only original – something that is increasingly hard to find in the written word – but has tonal…More

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