Review of Paul III of Montreal by Bertin Drizller

Here is a brand new review of Paul III of Montreal. Cliquer ici pour la version française. This is a deft, balanced, and quirky tale that provokes serious thinking in readers. Falardeau succeeds to make readers think about how humanity can become slaves to technology. The setting is an imaginary world that has its own…More

Review of The Simplicity of Life

You can find here a review of The Simplicity of Life. Cliquer ici pour la version française. Christian-Eric Falardeau is a great entertainer who creates memorable characters and worlds that readers will love to navigate. The dialogues are terrific and while they are well-crafted to deepen characterization, they brim with a quirkiness that is characteristic…More

Introducing CEF Comedy Club

A new addition to the works of Christian-Eric Falardeau, the CEF Comedy Club is a series of comic stips taking place into a café hosting standup comedians as they present their shows. The author plans to add at least one or two pages every week. Welcome to CEF Comedy Club Bienvenue au Le Club de…More

New Review of The Lost Ark

I am proud to announce this review of The Lost Ark from David Reyes (from The Book Commentary) who had previously reviewed The Alas League. This is another intelligently plotted entry in this mind-blowing series with quirky characters and intense drama. Falardeau’s storytelling skill is superior and he builds a world that is complex and…More

Exciting new 5 stars review for Paul III of Montreal

I am pleased to announce this new review from David Reyes of my sci-fi / sociological novel. Paul III of Montreal is an original work that will appeal to fans of science fiction. It is a tale that can be read as an allegory of social mutations. As one reads from page to page, one is…More

Review of The Alas League by The Book Commentary

Christian-Eric Falardeau’s novel is a classic tale that will have an irresistible appeal to fans of Albert Camus’ The Plague. The novel is well-crafted to feature the reactions of different characters toward a devastating event. Readers will enjoy the drama, the quirkiness in most of the characters, and the exalting banter that punctuates the narrative. Written…More

Review of The Alas League by BookLife

This playful, episodic science-fiction apocalypse opens with a small village, nuclear devastation, and a mystery box scenario: The nations of Earth have (accidentally) launched their missiles, and many of the residents of Verminus would rather down Guinness at the bar than take shelter, figuring this would be a more pleasant way to go. In the…More