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This playful, episodic science-fiction apocalypse opens with a small village, nuclear devastation, and a mystery box scenario: The nations of Earth have (accidentally) launched their missiles, and many of the residents of Verminus would rather down Guinness at the bar than take shelter, figuring this would be a more pleasant way to go. In the days that follow, life seems to go on, with curious new mysteries. The local mountain seems off somehow; a hut has materialized with an alien interior and a promise that it’s a gift of “The Alas League”; and the roads out of town no longer seem to lead anywhere. As residents debate whether they’re dead, raptured, mired in Purgatory, or maybe something else entirely, a dog makes the acquaintance of mysterious gray beings, and an artificial voice issues baffling commands like “Prescribe your charade.”

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Review from BookLife

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