The Alas League

Falardeau truly is an incredible author who has created a fantastic, brilliant story and it is evident to me that Falardeau has invested so much thought and time into his book because it is perfectly executed and full of vibrant, descriptive scenes!

Ann Aimee, Red Headed Book Lover

Delivering sharp, humorous and above all intriguing nuggets of prose, The Alas League is a read that will linger in your imagination for days and weeks to come. 

BookViral Reviews

Written in an episodic style, The Alas League feels like a Philosophical work with an apocalyptic setting, a story that balances the fine elements of science fiction with the author’s deft exploration of quirky characters.

David Reyes, The Book Commentary

Readers who like their apocalyptic adventures smart and funny—but not a joke—will find much here that’s inventive, bonkers, true-to-life, and narratively satisfying.

BookLive Reviews

Episode 1: Purgatory
In the small village of Verminus lives Mayor Monica Boisse, her son Peter, Father Ferdinand Paradise, the owner of the only bar Sylvia Thomac, the garbage man Mario Sax, the police officer Mable Hudgeon and the computer scientist Sophia Ware. With them are the rich Reginald Verrywiz, his secretary Alice, an old couple Alberic and Adelaide with their grand-daughter Julia and the trade unionist Andrew Bank. We must not forget Gerard Piston the civil engineer, and Vincent Lens the astronomer! And is Mimi van Dame truly a dressmaker or is she a retired world champion mud-wrestler?

In fact, there are (or rather, were) many more inhabitants in the small village, but the coming of a great cataclysm drove them to take refuge on the mountain. Now, are those left behind going to be the first happy victims or are they condemned to survive? And in that last eventuality, will it be that terrible or is the movie “The Day After” exaggerating? And what about this mysterious and courteous “Alas League”?

Episode 2: The Dragons of Verminus
Our villagers, having barely begun to familiarize themselves with their new environment, meet with Sully Citor, a mediocre merchant with a certain flair for golden opportunities. Meanwhile, late-payment notices cross paths with
subscription cancellation threats. Only one thing can explain the situation, but they don’t discover it until the end!